‘Mönster’, in the Swedish language, translates to “pattern” or “design”.  Designing and creating purposefully, artistically, and skillfully is the guiding inspiration going into each and every project our team produces.



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What type of adventurer are you?

At Rossmönster, we design and build best-in-class off-grid van and truck camper conversions. We understand that adventure can look different depending on who you’re talking to, and that’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to create completely custom adventure rigs designed to exceed each client’s unique wants and needs. 

Rossmönster Crew Intro Photo


We started as custom woodworkers, carpenters and engineers with a passion for the outdoors and a goal to get more people outside more often. Simply stated, we’re a group of family and friends (and their dogs) who share a passion for the Rossmönster brand and the products that we create.

From creative engineers and designers to exceptional carpenters and seasoned electricians, meet the team that makes dreams come true.

A History of artistry

Quotation Marks
“The highest compliment I can give someone I hire for a job and to whom I pay my hard-earned money is, “You make me feel like I am your only client,” and I found myself saying that to the folks at Rossmönster repeatedly.”

– Brody 

“This is an incredible company. My wife and I were complete novices in building our custom van, but they made it extremely easy. They were on point through the entire process. They were patient, courteous, and VERY helpful. The detailed work and craftsmanship is amazing, and you can readily see they are proud of their work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rossmonster to anyone. This is an outstanding company.”

– Brian

“Long distant relationships can be iffy at best… not so with Rossmönster. Constant communication and the knowledge of what would best fit my needs made the whole experience stress-free. If #vanlife is what you want, then I highly recommend them to make your dreams come true. They not only made mine but exceeded my dreams!”

– Megs

“We worked with the crew at Rossmonster to build our dream van and it could not have gone better. The team was incredible throughout the initial consult, design process, build, and even post-purchase support. Communication is critical to us when choosing a crew to hire and Rossmonster over-delivered.”

– Sean

“The bottom line is that I made a not-insignificant investment in an adventure van and found a truly outstanding partner to help me achieve my vision. I strongly recommend the team at Rossmonster for your adventure rig build.”

– J.W.